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Sri Venkateshwara Infra Tech is a renowned name in infrastructure construction. Founded by Mr D. Ganesh in the year 2010 our company is lead by a team of engineers and an extremely dedicated workforce. Our engineers integrate innovative constructional designs into contemporary infrastructure resulting in solid construction and high-quality finish. We have an extensive client base that puts their faith in us because we understand design concepts and implement them in delivering top class construction projects. Our architects meticulously design structures after discussing their ideas with clients.


Our objective is to go beyond the brick and mortar concept. Sri Venkateshwara Infra Tech was established in the year 2010 by Mr. D Ganesh in the capital city of Hyderabad. We are an infrastructure construction company committed in the industry of construction of Roads and Highways.

Road Construction

Sri Venkateshwara Infra Tech is a top choice when it comes to seeking reliable construction services. Our workforce comprises qualified and experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in planning and analysis of road construction.

Earth Works

Sri Venkateshwara Infra Tech holds a strong reputation in delivering high-grade earthworks. Over the years we have gained a reputation at a national level for performing medium to large scale civil works which also include excavations that pave way for stronger and improved constructional structures.

Pipeline Construction

We seek interest in providing top-grade pipeline construction services. Sri Venkateshwara Infra Tech is a distinguished name in civil construction projects.

All Type of Civil Works

: We are admired by our client base. Do you know why? We have been consistently rendering top-class civil works while also catering to realty needs. Our workforce remains busy in areas of civil construction and repairing which includes, construction of roads, pipelines, maintenance of heritage and old buildings and much more.


Road Construction

Civil Work,

Road Construction

Civil Work,

Earth Work

Building, Interior, Workspace,


Sri Venkateshwara Infra Tech is among the top line infrastructure construction companies accomplishing multi-level infrastructure projects with maximum efficiency and deliverance, for over a decade now. We seek the latest development strategies which are of global standard. Working at a national level, our men take pride in completing a few of the biggest projects across Hyderabad. We have specialised units to seamlessly carry out road and highway development projects. Our workforce stands firm, whenever it comes to delivering a high-quality job because we believe that excellence and transparency are two main aspects that have helped us grow to where we are today.

Sri Venkateshwara Infra Tech offers complete infrastructure building solutions at different work packages, depending upon tailored requirements. Our client base is diverse, contributing to our ability to assess job requirements and delivering the same with excellence and dynamism. Among various factors which have helped us expand our business to a national level, our keenness towards offering satisfactory after-sales solutions have helped us gain popularity. We have knowledgeable and experienced engineers, workmen and a great technical support team rendering skilful services at best value. Client satisfaction is our priority because our clients come first. Our long-standing relationship with a huge client base has been possible because of our trustworthy services. We are ever ready to make changes for our clients.

We work for an industry which constantly demands dynamism. Every civil project assigned on us has a different purpose to serve. We completely understand the value of delivering tailored solutions and hence we deploy equipment and machinery with advanced features for best results in construction and repair job. Every civil project we handle demands trained the workforce and a wide range of high-tech machines that are capable of dealing with jobs in medium to large scale. We use an extensive array of equipment and machinery to work on different terrains. Our versatility and willingness to adapt to changing scenarios and projects contribute to our success.

Professionalism and skilfulness are two primary aspects which our workmen, engineers and technical team follow. Over the years, we have built a strong alliance with our client base. Our team of skilled workmen and engineers are trained to carry out all types of civil engineering projects encompassing risk factors at different levels. Each and every person entitled to carry out an engineering work has to first undergo rigorous training to ensure that maximum safety and quality is maintained while the project is in full swing. Every worker or engineer has to undergo the safety training session where they are taught to handle numerous types of machinery and equipment. The entire procedure of execution may involve risk factors which can be successfully averted, upon proper compliance with safety regulations.


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